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Spiel des Jahres


2 to 8 players 10 years +

The heads of two rival secret agencies want to inform their respective team members which agents belong to their organisation. As their enemies are listening in, they’ll take turns to find associations to describe their spies’ code names. Only the... mehr
Kinderspiel des Jahres

Stone Age Junior

2 to 4 players 5 years +

This memorable and exciting game represents how Stone Age people conquered and shaped their world, in a way that’s suitable for children. On the game board’s different spaces you can receive and trade resources or build huts, which need specific... mehr
Kennerspiel des Jahres

Isle of Skye

2 to 5 players 8 years +

Who will be king of the Isle of Skye? Chieftains fight for this title by expanding their clan’s territory. Starting from their own castle, players lay landscape tiles in order to claim fields, waters and mountains, breed animals, construct new... mehr
Nominierungsliste Spiel des Jahres


2 to 4 players 10 years +

Four monuments for the ages must be built. Pyramids, a temple, a series of obelisks and a burial chamber. Because the master builder Imhotep isn’t here at the moment, the players need to look after his projects. First of all, the stones need to be... mehr


2 to 4 players 8 years +

Adventurers come to Karuba in search of jewels, gold and ancient temples. To get to these treasures, players must move each of their four explorers from the beach through the jungle via their own pathways. To do this, players lay path tiles on free... mehr
Nominierungsliste Kinderspiel des Jahres

Leo muss zum Friseur

2 to 5 players 6 years +

When a noble lion’s mane begins to grow out of control, he goes to the barber – at least in this game. At exactly 8 o’clock in the morning Leo starts on his way to the barber’s shop. He’s got to hurry though, Bobo the chimp shuts his shop at 8 pm... mehr


2 to 4 players 5 years +

When the cat’s away the mice will play! The hungry rodents want to raid the larder and smuggle out cheese, carrots and more from under the watchful eye of the house cat. Players work together to collect tasty treats and gradually reserve parts of... mehr
Nominierungsliste Kennerspiel des Jahres

Pandemic Legacy – Season 1

2 to 4 players 14 years +

Four dangerous viruses threaten humanity. Players must join together in a mission to develop a cure and save life on earth. You’ll travel to infected cities, share knowledge and treat the disease. But the disease will spread, outbreaks will... mehr

T.I.M.E Stories

2 to 4 players 12 years +

Wanted: time travel agent. Who hasn’t wanted to travel into the past and have a quiet look around? Unfortunately that’s not on the cards here: as T.I.M.E. Agency specialists, players are tasked with keeping order in the fabric of time, by... mehr
Empfehlungsliste Spiel des Jahres

Agent Undercover

3 to 8 players 12 years +

A spy has infiltrated a new operation site but there’s a problem: he doesn’t know where he is. In a supermarket? On a film set? On a military base? What he needs to do now is keep his head down and his ears open. Through clever questions and... mehr

Animals on Board

2 to 4 players 8 years +

To the arks! More and more animals are fighting for space aboard the boats. Lions, zebras and foxes. Elephants, pandas and gorillas too. If you want to get as many different animals as possible onto your ark, you’ll need to have enough food for each... mehr

Die fiesen 7

2 to 6 players 8 years +

Seven racketeers are sharing out their loot and counting honestly around the table: up to seven, back to one, up to seven and so on. The cards on the table show what to do: count aloud or clear your throat? Keep quiet or shout twice? The main thing... mehr

Krazy Wordz

3 to 7 players 10 years +

Neologism is the term for a newly-coined word. “Krazy Wordz” is an abundant source of such creative new terminology. Each round, players receive a spoonful of alphabet soup with vowels and consonants – as well as a secret task. In the family edition... mehr


2 to 6 players 8 years +

Three rows with nine spaces each: players need to fill in their score sheets with numbers in ascending order. Tough? Not really, but you never know what’s going to happen with the roll of a dice. Which spaces should you keep free to add something in... mehr
Empfehlungsliste Kinderspiel des Jahres

Burg Flatterstein

2 to 4 players 6 years +

A magical race is taking place at Castle Flatterstein. Everyone wants to be the first to cross the moat, climb the wobbly steps and claim the coveted Bat Trophy. How quickly the players advance depends on how well they can aim the game’s little felt... mehr

Burg Schlummerschatz

1 to 4 players 4 years +

In the dead of night, twelve guards keep watch over the castle’s precious treasure. But it’s not for nothing that it has the nickname Sleepy Castle: the guards often like to take a little nap on the job. The crafty thieves know this all too well.... mehr

Die geheimnisvolle Drachenhöhle

2 to 4 players 5 years +

When the little dragon Edgar lights up with joy then the children playing will too! Because that means they’ve managed to help him in his search for treasure. You’ll need to find six jewels in this mysterious cave. Which ones exactly are determined... mehr


2 to 4 players 5 years +

Go with the flow with this crazy jungle gang: Monkey, Toucan and co. have jumped into the rushing river. Their tiles are carried downstream, sometimes disappearing under bridges. The players need to pay attention: a symbol die shows which type of... mehr

Harry Hopper

2 to 4 players 6 years +

Ready, steady, jump! Two grasshoppers are going head to head: teams move the plastic insects by pushing down on their tails and watching them make extraordinary leaps. In the classic version “grazing”, you play at the table as usual. The first team... mehr

Mein Schatz

2 to 4 players 7 years +

Sparkling diamonds, glittering gold, polished pearls and sharp swords: it all lies hidden deep in the orc’s dark cave. This atmospheric card game sees two to four brave dwarves on their way to lifting the treasure. Card by card, they stack their... mehr

Sag’s mir! Junior

2 to 12 players 4 years +

20 cards with 20 illustrations and two rounds in which to convey the related concepts to your teammates, all against the clock. That’s the core of “Sag’s mir! Junior.” An adult player starts: drawing 20 of the game’s 220 cards, turning the sand... mehr
Empfehlungsliste Kennerspiel des Jahres

7 Wonders: Duel

2 players 10 years +

This ancient competition between two powerful city states is all about absolute dominance, however it is achieved: military supremacy, technological enlightenment or overall performance. Players take it in turns to choose a card from the central... mehr

Blood Rage

2 to 4 players 14 years +

Ragnarök is upon us, the inescapable end of the world. In their final days on earth, four Viking clans battle for honour – and glory. As glory, or so they believe, is eternal. Over three ages, cards featuring monsters, abilities, quests and tactics... mehr


2 to 4 players 12 years +

Players compete to turn a profit during the colonial era in Africa. You’ll invest in four chartered companies and use your influence to help them expand across the continent. This will improve the value of your shares in these companies. In this... mehr